Favourite Halo 1 mission?

Favourite Halo 1 Mission?

Mine is probably …

Assault on the Control Room


HALO 1 MISSIONS WERE ALRIGHT wait why caps ****

control room

The Maw

Silent Cartographer the amount of things to do on that level plus…
“Touchdown, HIT IT MARINES!”
-Echo 419

Silent Cartographer is my favourite.

Hate Two Betrayals.

Control room

My favorite halo 1 campaign mission is Silent Cartographer.

Assault on the Control Room primarily because its the only mission where you can use the scorpion tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Two Betrayals

assault on the control room

assault on control room!


Mine would be Two Betrayals.

halo :v

The Maw!!!

The maw. the warthog part is the most entertaining in the game


Assault on Control Room - best

Keyes - worst

Either the Maw or Assault on control room! its hard to pick a favourite!