Favourite Grunt quotes!

Probably may not get many replies but I just had to make this post!

So the grunts with IWHBYD skull on, they come out with a large amount of funny things. So I was wondering what the communities favourite quotes are?

Mine personally is “I found him! I thought he was just a piece of scenery but he’s not!.” and “Well this sucks, I’m headin’ north!”

The first one because I seem to be incapable of seeing the green team during a multiteam match…seriously It’s like they always sneak up on me. And the second one I tend to say when my team’s plan just goes up in a flames and I sprint for the nearest cover.

I love it when they say, in a mean voice, “Kill Him!”
And then I just walk over to them and punch them :stuck_out_tongue:

“Noo! He killed Flipyap!”

“Or was it Yapflip?”

“Suck it, demon!”