Favourite Easter eggs/glitches?

Earlier I stumbled across the topic of ‘best Halo 3 memories’ and it got me thinking of all the fun, crazy, Easter eggs in the game that I spent so long searching for. I particularly enjoyed the monkey family. I stared at it laughing for a good few minutes along with things such as the rude grunt in the final level and other things like that! Also, I remember watching a video of this glitch on the mission “The Covenant” called ‘Time Travelling on The Covenant’ which I spent hours with my friends trying to do, along with overloading maps with mines to get outside the boundaries and explore in forge and theatre mode. It was all so much fun. Do you guys have any favourite glitches or Easter eggs? It’d be cool to see if we can get a bunch written down together for people who haven’t found them already or something!

I cannot remember most of them, I just remember there being a whiole bunch of them. The monkey family was a good one but the Rooster Teeth easter eggs were great too.

Edit: Oh and this site has an excellent list of easter eggs http://www.haloeastereggs.net/easter-eggs/halo-3

-Cave man on first level (I think thats Halo 3)

-“Press RB to flip… Wait what? How did you do that?”