Favorite Weird Load Out

I just really want to know some fun load outs that the community has come up with! For example a bolt shot with level three damage boost or something of the sort that is hardly ever used but fun and effective all the same.

Not sure if this fits the bill, but any sniper + Spartan Laser is interesting for Warzone. Sure you’ll suffer in close-quarters, but you can do a lot of damage from a safe distance.

Plasma pistol that you walk around the map with, fully charged, as soon as you see an enemy release. It should bring down their shields you then swap to your plasma rifle and mop them up.

Gunfighter + Magnum

Oathsworn with three speed boosts. You’re not likely to hit anything but holy crap can you cover ground like a madman.

Spitfire with damage boost. Spam the trigger and people die. Open hand turns into a two shot kill with a damage boost

One thing I did on turbo once was Jorge turret, upgraded shield’s, Overshield and speed boost. I couldn’t die it was beautiful

I used enhanced speed, double speed boost, and whispered truth. Was so fast, but so fun