Favorite War Games Sayings

What’s your favorite thing to hear the war games announcer say?

I would have to say mine is whenever he says “King Slayer”.

Well, my freind was digging through some unused sound clips in the game and found one of him saying “Tablescraps” In-game my favorite is “You dropped the ball!” Because he sounds so dissapointed and you feel like a failure.

Griffball. Get chills when i hear it.

King Slayer is a favorite of mine as well. Oh and King/Flag Joust!

Now Alakazam, use Psychic!

“The king is dead”. I lol every time he says that.

You are the king!!

Every time he says “Ball Holder” my immaturity gets the best of me


Road Trip!

Rámþágë !!!

“Hail to the king”