Favorite Visor Colors?

So what’s your guys favorite Visor Colors?

Personally I love Legendary (Gold). It’s got a bit of an orange tint to it, but it’s still gold.

I’m also a fan of Verdant(Green).

What are you guys rolling with?

Locus sooo… none?


Haha, it’s under the outer plating

Armor Profit

I love…LEGEN (Wait for it…) DARY!!!


I find it easier to aim at people with bright vibrant visor colors. Some guy had the deep red visor with the eva helm on sniper… really bad helm choice.

I prefer frost ad midnight visor, just because it makes it a little harder to see me in certain games types like regicide wit black armor. and the red visor just makes your face glow, makes you a moving target

I’m currently trying to get Assistant to Master so I can have that visor. I’m not sure if that’s me liking it or just trying to make up a reason that getting assists is good…

legendary or solar

Sucks that Locus Helmets dont even show a bit of Visor. But I love the green one.

I wonder how many different colors are in total…I like verdant and operator…haven’t finished the game yet on leg ( ugh the patience! The time! ) or else I’d be wearing gold all the way. Traditional spartan style.

Verdant… aka green.

The gold visor is more of an amber color. Total let down.

Legendary because it looks the most Spartan-y.


But there is one thing I don’t understand, we were supposed to get two visor colours with each specialization and they looked way different than what we are getting in-game now… The ones we get from the specializations now are really ugly…

Legendary (Orange/Gold)

It may change when I unlock Midnight though.

currently using pathfinder.
switch between midnight and frost from time to time.

> Verdant… aka green.
> The gold visor is more of an amber color. Total let down.

Yeah I noticed that, but I still really like the Gold visor with my current armor set up.

I used Verdant up to the point when I unlocked Legendary

Operator and Tracker!

I need Cyan too, already on the Master tab thing of From the Brink!

Tracker, I love the dark purple.

legendary or midnight as i use a black/orange colour scheme on my armour

I like all the visor colors but " vërdáñt " is number one =)