favorite vehicle

whats your favorite you choose

Mantis, because I always love a big, stompy 'mech.

The Mantis.

It makes me feel empowered, even though the vehicle itself is kinda weak. :confused:

Scorpion is beast, unfortunately it’s not featured in the maps were you would be able to take full advantage of all it’s capabilities. Only Exile, perhaps.

Mine would have to be the wraith, its much more difficult to use, but in the right hands very powerful and hard to beat head on unless you have a laser, rockets or sniper : )

mantis on big maps ghost on small maps

If used correctly, the Scorpion can dominate any match. Unfortunately, it isn’t featured on a lot of maps.

Ghost for sure, I can splatter and shoot at people with maximum mobility and speed, the disadvantage is its able to be taken fairly easy by power weapons and vehicles as well as not as much damage without splattering. It is good for laying down support fire though so I still choose it. but if it were not halo 4 than I would say the troop hog is awesome to have.

My favourite would be mantis

I would say the Ghost



I overuse ghosts, literally. So it’s a ghost

mongoose, ghost, and banshee

The Gauss Warthog by a longshot. Been a personal favorite since its debut in Halo2. It’s like having a explosive sniper on the back of the warthog.


My favorite vehicle is the Mantis (even though it has a giant d*ck coming out of its bottom).

I’m really slow so the first one I can get to XD

Banshee, scorpion tank and mantis