Favorite Thing(s) About Infinite?

Ever since Infinite’s gameplay demo, I’ve seen thread after thread criticizing and complaining about what was shown. This is not entirely a bad thing; as long as its done constructively, fans should voice their concerns, and this forum is the perfect place to do that.

However, these forums are also the perfect platform to share what we liked, and based on the YouTube like/dislike ratio, most people liked what they were shown. I know I did. So what is your favorite thing about Infinite so far?

The new UNSC weapon looks interesting, but can’t really express my reaction to the game yet until I see some multiplayer.

I think the campaign as a whole is going to be fun with exploration and hopefully good story. I like the Banished from Halo Wars 2

I like the Banished, big open levels are also enticing to me. I miss the CE days.

I am interested to see how the story plays out and how this ties into the Banished.
The grappling looks like a fun addition too. I am interested to see how that plays into air vehicles, and if this has an expanded playspace, how creative we can get in big air battles.

Really like the new weapons that they showed in addition to the Music and the reduction of movement, i still need to see if the movement will stay the same in multiplayer.

I like the idea of the Banished but for me hands down has to be the music!! I felt the demo was very lackluster…but the music was great! It sounds and feels like Halo!

F2P Multiplayer.

That means they can attract new people without making the story less complex.

The fact that the 343 employeed who played through the demo didn’t have to use Smart Link ADS not even once. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated being able to aim down the sights in Halo 5’s campaign and Warzone firefight, but at the same time, I thought this was a cool detail to point out. Also the ring’s natural environments look really believable, despite some graphical issues like the aggressive culling of vegetation and LOD on the trees.

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> I like the idea of the Banished but for me hands down has to be the music!! I felt the demo was very lackluster…but the music was great! It sounds and feels like Halo!

The music was incredible too! Gareth Coker did such a great job scoring the Ori games, so I’m really happy that he’s doing part of the Infinite soundtrack.

All of the sound design…the ambient sounds made the world feel expansive, the guns sounded clean, and the Warthog doesn’t have that lawnmower drone anymore.

I don’t understand the backlash regarding the sound design.

i like how base movement change of direction is quicker and how we can instantly slide left and right. it means we can dodge procision weapons as much as we want if we are skilled enough and the instant slide allows us to get closer and dodge at the same time. it might give the ar the edge it needs and the burst precision weapons the nerf it needs in a skilled way.

I’m liking the new addition of what appears to be equipment similar to halo 3, should help add to the sandbox and new ways of playing and strategizing

I really enjoyed what I saw and I’ve gone back and rewatched it and love the music so sounds like halo love it im really excited to explore a huge expansive halo ring personally people focus on graphics way too much but I think the story and gameplay is what truly matters in my opinion and I think so far 343i is going in the right direction here cant wait to see more footage

Honestly, I looked everything I saw, besides grapple hook. The gameplay reminds me of a mix between 2 and 4, my 2 favorite master chief halo games.

I liked the general art style. The tone and colours were spot on.

The music was amazing.

I loved the game play. Looked like a lot of fun. And that’s the most important thing! Open world.

The warthog. New weapons.

Undecided on the grappling hook but liked the shield (would have preferred to have the bubble back).

4k @ 60fps.

I definitely want to see the new customization system!

Plenty of things actually.

1: Attention to detail.
The way the Brute trips when shot in the knees. And the way the other one grabs his back when shot at it. The tire on the Hog blowing off when it drives over the exploding plasma grenade. It’s things like that which are subtle and kind of drown in the disappointment of the demo that really show an attention to details on 343i’s side. Also my next point.

2: Smart AI.
Didn’t look that way in the demo at first until you notice the details mentioned at point 1. Also: apparently Covies might reach for a secondary weapon if needed. Which is a HUGE thing because it means they got more ways to counter your tactics. It’s been on my wish list since H3 and I’m really happy it’s finally in the game.

3: The world feels alive.
I felt H5 lacked that. The ancient Sangheili ruins were cool and that outpost felt alive but that’s it. The demo alone looks for more alive and inviting to explore. Can’t wait to go hunting skulls and Intel etc!

4: Most new weapons look good.

5: Back to classic looks. Including bright and slightly cartoony art style. They could turn down the saturation a bit for my liking to bring it a bit more in line with the Slipspace engine trailer (perfect mix of Reach grit/realism and classic Halo) but if they don’t that’s fine.

6: It feels like CE again. And parts of Reach. Meaning: open areas with A LOT of ways to plan and strategize attacks. The level Halo on a massive scale. What’s not to like.

7: The music. Because it’s awesome

8: F2P and Cross platform multi.
Because it means back to playing Halo with my younger brother who lives across the country and doesn’t want to buy an Xbox. Kind of going back to the good old days of playing on the couch so to speak. Which we can also do again with splitscreen.

So yeah, plenty to like next to things to be slightly worried about!

I have to admit the scale of the levels and forerunners stuff looking like CE again but active and clean hyped me a lot. But that’s it, 2 golden particles. In general I lost interest.

Certainly the music. When I saw that weirdly magical and Ori like looking intro screen it still felt like Halo because of the music! I liked most sound effects as well! I’m not a fan of 343i’s plasma sounds, but I do like the Warthog, shield recharge is simply orgasmic and human weapons sound fine - the AR could have a bit more of “ump” though.

I like the idea of the Banished as well, they are by far a more interesting faction than yet another Covenant Remnant! And certainly more interesting than freaking robots, I mean Prometheans of course. We have to see how well the AI is developed though, that will make them or break them for me!

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> F2P Multiplayer.
> That means they can attract new people without making the story less complex.

Depends, it could be. But it also might means battle-pass, time-savers and a bunch more mt nonsense. Wouldn’t say it’s a good thing necessarily! We have to see what MS and 343i pulls off and after GoW5 I don’t have high hopes. Got to be honest!