Favorite thing about Halo

So, I was curious- what’s everyone’s favorite aspect of Halo?
I personally have two, the lore, and the multiplayer maps. I mean come on, who can forget Blood Gulch, Sidewinder, or Lockout? They’re just awesome.
I love it when a series has a actual backstory to it, and explains a whole lot about why the way things are in the universe, and why specific things exist, and so on and so forth. While I don’t mind it whenever something is just regular fun without much of…well anything to it, universe building/lore is key for a good series in my book.
(side note- if anyone could suggest some TV show, book series or game series that has such things, please do!)

My favorite thing about Halo is Halo.

The lore

Lore, without a doubt.

Definitely the story and lore. That’s why I got so engaged into Halo, multiplayer is my favorite on Halo compared to any other game, but I’m definitely not hard core about it like a few “wannabe” pros on these forums lol.

I’m going to be that guy and admit I can’t decide.

My Favorite Things about halo. The History of Master Chief . and the armors

Like many others said, my favorite thing about halo is the campaign and story. I also love the custom games, something which has been butchered in Halo MCC

Besides the story and all the lore, I loved seeing what other players could create in Forge. Halo Jenga nights, Speed Halo, race tracks, statues of characters and so much more that deviated from the normal gameplay.

For me it is simply the fact that one game can have good story, campaign, competitive multiplayer casual/fun custom games, and map/gametype editing all in one. No matter what mood I am in I can play halo whether I want to play a ranked game, enjoy some customs, coop with friends, or just get creative in forge.

History/lore. It’s not like I buy cod for the story