Favorite Thing About Halo 5?

Everyday I see the most popular threads here on the website have something to do with all the bad about Halo now and other community members ripping each others heads off over issues that are quite silly.
Trust me, Halo 5 has its faults and there are a lot of aspects that need improving.
But with the amount of time I have played, just to say I hate everything about Halo 5 would make me quite the hypocrite and frankly a bit crazy.
I actively encourage people to provide constructive criticism about Halo 5 so we can only see improvement from here on but to divert from this cloud of negativity for a little I also want to know what everyone LIKES about Halo 5 and what was done right by 343 Industries.
Me personally, I really like forge as well as the game play aspect, with thrusts and charges, I actually feel like a super soldier.
The amount of armor and the information with each one is also impressive and I can’t deny the great graphics and sounds. Graphics and sounds/effects are not everything but should be commended when done right.

Pizza AR and Neon Warthogs

French Fries Pistol.

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> French Fries Pistol.

So much salt.