Favorite strategy and leader combo?

Hey Friends,

Across Halo Wars 1 & 2, what are your favorite leaders, your favorite strategy, and style of play?

Personal favorite strat of all time is fast ODST on Exile in 3s for Halo Wars - not the most winning play - but fun to deploy. Love it with a Anders and Arbiter combo.

Halo Wars 2 I very much have fun with with some accelerated assembly warthogs. Love having a fast and mobile offense to scoot around the map quickly en masse.


Still new to Halo Wars, but I like Cutter’s hero abilities in two. That saved me from time to time when I was in a pinch.

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Halo Wars 2: I play YapYap all the time. Mass canon fodder + “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot” is so funny.

Halo Wars 1: the Prophet of Regret. The flying chair is great.


Forge in 2 with early eco, I’ve got an effective fighting force in 6 minutes with 'gales.

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I mostly play Colony and do a mix of Grunt, Goliath, and Engineer to secure the early game. Then switch to whatever feels appropriate in tech 2 depending on who I’m up against. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Yap Yap though. His need to build a large grunt based army helps to train my ability to macro I think, especially in some really long fights where he can really shine if you’ve set up your economy/production right and can keep up the constant waves of grunts.

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Cutter and all out rush strategy


Anders, 10-12 kodiak siege grid leapfrogging where able to gain ground, 9-12 wolverines supporting in 2 groups of 4-6, 3 nightingales, and Dougy boy spearheading the slow siege warfare across the map. sometimes the games can last hours, and it may be banned by the Geneva convention, but God is siege warfare Amazingly fun and satisfying.


Anders Kodiak, wolverine, Nightingale, Douglas spearheading. May be banned by the Geneva convention, but siege warfare is the most satisfying thing in the world to do.

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I like to slowly make domestic affairs and use different units,
The actual battlefield does not allow it.

It is also true that we do not have many countermeasures against infantry who are attacking quickly.

UNSC vs Banished feels particularly advantageous to UNSC in the early stages.
The wide range of strategies is effective.

I’m using Commander Jerome since he’s the best for Infantry and Jack For All Trades.

I use a mixture of Infantry inside Mastodon, and it can even resist high-level offensive leader power if used correctly.

Normally my complement is 2 Marines, 1 Sniper, and 1 Cyclops. If the enemy focuses on infantry, I will use 1 Marines, 1 Hellbringers, 1 Sniper, and 1 Cyclops.


HALO mcc update is over
infinite is also gold

Now is the time for Banished’s vehicle to revive
I like wraiths and reapers

I’m more of a fan of Blitz mode, and kinda wish they made blitz free to play since hardly anyone plays. but eh! My strategy there changes there I love Colony! Healing and hording up.

in deathmatch modes I like to play at Captain Cutter, Siege Turrets and Siege Kodiaks are my strats.


I never seem to main anything “meta” in online games. :grin:

I main Voridus, I really enjoy Leader Powers like Pack Assault and especially Combat Spoils, it’s a very underrated buff. He requires a lot of micro to use Infusion well, and that’s maybe the only thing that makes him hard to use (for me). Voridus himself is a really fun hero to use, very very strong against clumps of infantry if you use his alternate ability.

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Voridus is a unique character, isn’t it?
I want to see him at HALO Infinite.

I also like his poison swamp tactics. It’s cool that the scarab is also for him.

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