Favorite Reach Playlist(s)?

What are your favorite Playlists in Reach’s MM?

Mine are Team Slayer, mainly for the great Community maps that are in there. Then Invasion because I think it is the most unique gametype in Reach. Finally, BTB because it is such a great, casual playlist that you can just have fun with when you have a big group of people.

Premium slayer, since I don’t have to put up with the default or community maps.

MLG and Team Doubles because they don’t have Armor Lock.

Team snipers and team swat. The rest the people still playing Reach find ways to make unfun.

BTB, competitive team vs team and the rivalries that go along with it within the BTB community are great.

Unfortunately the matching system and its prevalence of creating mismatches make some games quite boring.

team objective with a full party is probably my favorite. using team work and strategy make it a lot of fun. I think my friends and I have almost a 90% win ratio in there.

I dunno. Halo Reach’s playlist selection feels bland.

The only one I REALLY like I guess is Classic.

BTB- love the 36-0 camping sniper
squad slayer-love the no AL pro’s love the jetpack easy kills
snipers-camping nuff said
living dead-meh multi kill’s
double’s-love HLG and hiding

Theoretically, I should say MLG, because I feel that they have the best custom settings offered. Sadly, I’m absolute garbage. A reason I don’t play too many games of MLG matchmaking is because I get wrecked whenever I go into the playlist.

So I’ll say Squad. If DMR starts were forced with Pistol secondary, I probably wouldn’t ever play another Team Slayer playlist. That or BTB.

Premium battle!

MLG and Snipers.