Favorite Reach Multiplayer Maps

While Halo: Reach wasn’t the most innovative in terms of multiplayer map design, it was still a great swan song for Bungie. Most of Reach’s maps were either remakes or directly inspired by past maps. So what are your favorite Reach maps? Here’s mine:
10-Asylum-Sanctuary remake
9-Sword Base-Boarding Action re imagining
8-Pinnacle-Ascension remake
7-Zealot-Midship re imagining
6-The Cage-Supposed to be in Halo CE but remade as Lockout in Halo 2
5-Reflection-Ivory Tower remake
4-Hemorrhage-Blood Gulch legacy continuation
3-Breakneck-Headlong remake
2-Breakpoint-Part of Noble Map Pack, Bungie’s last Halo maps
1-Solitary-Prisoner remake

5.Sword Base
7.Anchor 9

Reach was fun

1 - Zealot/Arena Zealot - bigger than Assembly or Midship and better suited to “modern” Halo gameplay. If Reach gave any classic map, this one is the one.
2 - The Cage/Uncaged - best of what Forge has to offer. I hope I will see it in Halo 4 matchmaking as well.

Apart of maps that are completely remakes or came with DLCs (I would sell all maps from default Reach for Anniversary maps) that would be it.

Anchor 9/Unanchored is by far my favorite.