Favorite Reach map?

My favorite map is a tie between Forge World’s Pinnacle and Asylum.

Reflection for me. One of my all time favorite maps.

If I had to pick a non-remake, then I think it would be a tossup between Sword Base and Countdown.


Asylum is best map

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i like reach

For me it’s Asylum.

The default forge world was where I spent most of my time.

The dlc maps looked the best

Top Favorites

  • Sword Base - Countdown - Pinnacle - Asylum - Powerhouse - Think Twice - Atom

Forge World mainly with the custom maps

just forge world due to it being a blank canvas allowing you to create your own maps

Probably countdown, something about that map really works well with the arena shooter that halo is.

Boneyard was good for btb

Asylum for me!

Uncaged was great loved playing snipers there.

forge asylum and cage

boardwalk :3

MLG Sanctuary v7, Hemorrhage, MLG Pit v7, Utopie and Trident.


Forge World! :smiley: