Favorite Quotes From Campaign (Possible Spoilers)

Just wondering what everyone’s favorite quotes are from the campaign. Feel free to post a dialogue and not just a single line from a single character.

Mine is from the last mission:

When Cortana is being catty and trying to distract Osiris, she says “You are pale imitations of my Spartans” and Locke just coldly replies “Is that so?”

I love how calm and collected Locke is, it’s like what he’s really saying is “You think so? I know it’s not so, but you seem to think it is so. So shut up and let me prove you wrong.”

Also, I love every time Cortana condescendingly calls Locke “Mister Locke” because she refuses to recognize him as a Spartan.

Took you long enough from the first mission to the last by doctor Halsey

“Hide and Seek is over Infinity”

Definitely my favorite:

Locke: Cortana is our responsibility now.
Chief: Like hell she is.

When -Yoink- going down and Buck says: “Well, crap.”

I love how when chief sees cortana again she is like “hello John. It’s good to see you.” and chief is just clean sobre, not ruled by emotions just straight up: “You’ve changed.”

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> When -Yoink- going down and Buck says: “Well, crap.”

Well…crap! You picked mine lol

“When everyone else in the UNSC hears about this, they’re gonna hate us…ya know that right?” - Buck 2015

“If we get through this, I’ll buy the whole damn bar!”
well crap was my favourite but someone else got that

Basically anything Warden Eternal says.

The Master Chief is called… but you, your passage is denied.

" Wake me when you need me"

Locke: “That’s two!”
Buck: “What we’re keeping count now?!”

“Like hell she is” - Chief

It’s just something in the way he says it. So badass.

“I don’t think anyone is entitled to anything.” -locke

“We can still destroy the enemy Guardian!”- The Almighty Spartan Palmer, Praise be to her.

“I hate REQ unlocks!” … I think that is what Locke said…My teammate was talking at the time so there might be some confusion…

''Hunt them to the last. Today we extinguish the Covenant’s light, forever!" - Thel Vadam, the Arbiter

> 2533274939146202;13:
> “Like hell she is” - Chief
> It’s just something in the way he says it. So badass.

Since this was taken I will go with one from Buck," from get off my planet to … hey can you help" and the voice he did it in was pretty funny.

This is the one and only part of Halo5 Guardians campaign that made me remember what Halo is. When Locke tries to take Chiefs position and the Halo franchise with him. And we think he is going to and chief is going to be over. Then Chief breaks Locke’s 5 seconds of fame and takes the series right back.
Locke: Cortana is our responsibility now
Chief: Like Hell she is
And chief gives him a side of fist in the face fries with it.

Also when Buck says.
“If God can hear how scared i am, so can everyone else.”