Favorite playlist modes

Hi!,i created this post to say my (and you to say yours) favorite playlist modes,let me explain.

Your favorite game mode(and 2 maps) for at least 5 playlist.

For example,mines.

Invasion-Invasion Slayer,Boneyard & Paradiso.

Big team battle-Big bro slayer,Paradiso & Hemorrage(i miss Big bro too much).

Team Slayer-Slayer Pro,Sword base & Powerhouse

Multi team-Slayer,Pinnacle & Sword base.

Action Stack-ALL,ALL(i love this playlist)

Grifball-Grifball,Oracle’s revenge.

BTW,If you’re a Grifball fan,try Hockey and HaloBall Xtreme,they both are in Action Stack Playlist.

<343i.,<4,Love Halo.

Multi Team, Rocket Hog Race, Hemorrhage and Paradiso

Multi Team, Crazy King, Sword Base and Powerhouse

Rumble Pit, Slayer DMRs or Slayer Pro, Sword Base and Reflection