Favorite Part in Campaign

Some of you are realizing,what the heck am I talking about?I’m talking about what part in campaign(in any of the Halos)did you love the most?For example,Bob likes the part where The Ark gets blown up.Thats all I’m asking.Just remember what part in campaign did you love.

Mine are these.

1.When Srgnt.Johnson hugs the elite in Halo CE.
2.When Noble 6 dies as the last spartan on Reach.
3.When Master Cheif gave their bomb back :slight_smile:

Atleast one or two things would be fine.

You say goodbye,we say Halo!

The entirety of Floodgate and of The Covenant.

  1. Master Chief “Giving the Covenant Back their Bomb”
  2. Halo CE watching Private Jenkins helmet camera/discovering the Flood
  3. Halo 2 “Outskirts” exploring the roof tops and secret places.
  1. Halo 2’s Arbiter story. Especially the part where Arbiter tries to get Tartarus to learn the truth about Halo.
  2. The Covenant
  3. The Storm’s ending cutscene. Bunch of Longswords + 3 frigates was epic. It’s not arguable. But it would have been better if they had fired at the Covey fleet first.

For gameplay,

  1. Levels with Arbiter AI. Moonwalking on Sierra 117, missile pod Arby on The Storm homing in on infantry, The Ark at rally point bravo Arby killing all the enemies downstairs for me, flamethrower Arby on Cortana, and holding the sword like a gun Arby on Halo and Crow’s Nest. But especially the various Arbiter appearances on The Covenant.

  2. Big AI battles.