Favorite or Least favorite Warzone Assault maps

As the title states I’d like to hear what your guys (and girls) favorite Warzone Assault map or maps are, also if you have a map or maps you don’t like feel free to state them. If you do have a least favorite please say why, I’ll start off: My favorite map is Urban I really like the way it feels -it’s kinda hard to explain- also love that nice van mural easter egg very cheeky. Least favorite: Array, oh boy Array…I love the look of it with the storm in the background and more muted color pallet. However it can be very frustrating to play on as an attacker due to there being 0 cover on the actual spire, so in many cases you’ll get your boots on the spire just to get pumped full of lead and be back at the spawn screen. Now this is likely just due to my skill -Or lack there of xD- but it’s a very abrupt change from the other maps first objectives which all offer cover for both sides on the actual point. Oh and also there’s a freaking rock that refuses to be ran on, it’s the one on the front right side of the spire if you’re approching from Blue spawn. I constantly slip and slide all over the thing

>Like Urban
>Dislike Array due to it’s lack of cover on the objective and a slippery rock. However Array does have a nice storm going on so there’s that.