Favorite mission(s) and why?

I’m going to have to go with either exodus, or The Pillar of Autumn on this one. Exodus really nailed the global battle feel, and each time you activate the missle batteries, I can’t help but notice some happy resemblances to The Silent Cartographer. The Pillar of Autumn… well it’s just badass when you storm the refinery with around fifteen army troopers (plus Emile.)

So baby, what’s it going to be?

The Pillar of Autumn is definitely one of my favorites! From wandering through tunnels to defending yourself from waves of enemies, I really love that mission!

Co-op wise, I like New Alexandria. Why? because I like being lazy in the VTOL passenger seat while someone drives around, reaching our destinations.

Solo-wise, I like Winter Contingency, ONI: Sword Base and Tip of the Spear because of the driving parts.

I just love drifting dat hog around turns and for scoring some splatters.

Although, I like the truck better :slight_smile:

The Package and PoA (back to back) for its sheer epicness. But Long Night of Solace is awesome with that Saber.

My favorites.

Nightfall: sucks as a stealth mission but has an above average amount of enemies. Lone Wolf from Reach OST is great

TotS: sucks how the opening was misleading but has an above average amount of enemies and had the only tolerable vehicle sections in Reach. The optional Zealot is a plus and the Spire area has that Halo feel

LNoS rally point bravo: the only part of the mission that’s actually worth playing. Lots of supply cases to use as blockades. Last 4 Ultra Elites are engaging

NA: a lot of freedom. Shame how the Grunts in the hospital are scripted to wake up…

PoA rally point charlie: 4 Zealots (would have been 6 if Emile didn’t have to steal them from me) + Field Marshal = replayable encounter

Oh yeah, LNoS for the Sabre!

I absolutely love New Alexandria.

Favorite would probably be the one where you go into sword base. But only when you drive the cart into the elevator to take it into the base, protecting it from all enemies so you can shoot the final rockets from on top of it.