Favorite Map in Halo 4

What are your guy’s favorite maps in Halo 4? Mine are Complex and Haven.

I really like the DLC maps, but i really dont get to play them that much. As for the base game, I like to on Abandon and Complex.

I’d say Pitfall, Perdition and Landfall but I enjoy pretty much every maps on Halo 4.

Either Landfall or Haven.

Pitfall for DLC and Haven for base game.

Haven and Exile are probably my favorite of the original maps. As for DLC it’s hard for me to pick. Daybreak, Skyline, Perdition, Monolith are all really fun. It’s a shame I can’t ever get DLC in matchmaking, though. 343 made some good ones but never implemented them well into the hoppers.

Mine has too be Haven so many tricks u can do on it but DLC map has too be Landfall it has beautiful scenery.

I love simplex

LANDFALL is the most beautiful for me.

Ragnarok by far.

I would have to say Skyline. Lot of good split screen memories.

For me are Adrift and Haven :wink:

Haven all day. and Adrift.


Settler and Haven

The Halo 4 virson of Valhalla

Exile, landfall Skyline and Haven.

Settler as well

Also Meltdown

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> AsWhat are your guy’s favorite maps in Halo 4? Mine are Complex and Haven