Favorite Magnum variant

Standard, gunfighter, extended mag, tactical, CE, and the whispered truth. I prefer the gunfighter and whispered truth.

Oh man I prefer the Tactical or the CE. If I could use the CE magnum as much as I wanted, it’d be the only gun I’d use.

I’m with you. Gunfighter and Whispered Truth are the best Magnums.

Whispered Truth is my favorite variant, other then that it would be Gunfighter or Tactical Magnum.

It’s gotta be the CE magnum or the tactical magnum, both are just awesome in their own way

For Feel: CE
For Looks: Tactical

CE and Gunfighter. Sometimes I use the Gunfighter in place of an automatic weapon.

Mostly the Extended Mag Magnum for me, its pretty useful in my opinion

But M6D Magnum (Ce) is my personal fav

Standard Magnum for me.

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> CE and Gunfighter. Sometimes I use the Gunfighter in place of an automatic weapon.

I go through phases of that. Gunfighter vs AR or SMG can be a tough call. Sure SMG is just dump ammo till their dead, but being able to mop up headshots after a nice grenade placement is just so much more satisfying, and quicker.

Not even kidding, being able to use both the Gunfighter and Tactical at the same time in a loadout may just make all other loadout weapons irrelevant for me.

Extended Mags without a doubt. I always equip it as soon as I hit 2 reqs

Gunfighter. Put on Patrol Case and just blaze away like a madman.

Standar magnum <3

The CE Pistol for the memories

Halo CE Pistol because 3 shots to the head you’re gone.

Gunfighter hands down, I absolutely love that thing. It’s so fun bringing an Elites shields down and popping it in the head like a total… awesome guy… all in rapid fire magnum shots.

The Extended Mags version is a solid choice, but I get a serious Robocop vibe with the Tactical Magnum.

Your move, creep.

Tactical. You get a much larger range, and you can be really sneaky if you pair it with the advanced sensors armor mod.

Whispered Truth.