Favorite/Least Favorite weapon in halo

Whats your favorite weapon in the halo series?
Whats your least favorite weapon in the halo series?

Grenades, mellee weapons, guns, equipment, vehicle, etc.

Dont say anything stupid like Chairs are my favorite weapon.
This thread might influence 343i during their project for halo 5.

So tell me… Whats you favorite and least favorite weapons? And why?

Personally i love the assault rifle and shotgun and the flame thrower lol.

Least fav. would be Frags because they’re not dependable but somehow gets a One hit kill at times. Basically I feel Like the frag is Unbalanced

Favorite Weapon: Light Rifle because it’s a BR and a DMR combined. 4 shot kill if you aim right (scoped).
Least Favorite: Concussion Rifle. Don’t like it because it’s weak. Brute Shot > Concussion Rifle.

Favorite - Beam Rifle/Covenant Carbine
Least favorite - Supressor/Sticky detonator

> Favorite - Beam Rifle/Covenant Carbine
> Least favorite - Supressor/Sticky detonator

Suppressor? I can somewhat understand the Sticky Detonator but the Suppressor? It’s a close-range powerhouse!

favourite: grenade launcher

the learning curve for the grenade launcher was absolutely huge and really rewarding once you knew how to use it

least favourite:

honestly probably incineration cannon - its a really cool weapon and its scope/descope sounds are cool, but the problem is people spam it like crazy with blatant disregard for their teammates. i would like to see it where betrayals are possible

Favorite = Scarab gun
Least favorite = Boltshot

CE- Plasma Rifle
2- Sword
3- Beam Rifle, Flamethrower, Mauler
ODST- Pistol
Reach- Sticky Launcher, Grenade Launcher
4- Incineration Cannon

Least Favorite:
CE- Plasma Pistol
2- SMG
3- AR
Reach- Focus Rifle
4- concussion rifle, suppressor, Boltshot