favorite IWHBYD quotes

name says all mine is

brute quote :he was my lover

Guilty Spark: Ow! That hurt my feelings. Oh my god I have feelings? I’m a real boy!

Elite: Thank you Reclaimer. You have many brains on your face.

Grunt: Holy flares to light the journey!

Grunt: “Oh, no, not again!”

Marine: “I should have been a Gear!” and “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”

Johnson: “Ain’t I immune to this?”

Elite: “Wort, wort, wort!”

Just because of the first time I heard it on Nightfall, Jun was missing every. Single. Shot.

“What… you don’t like my cooking?”

Elite- I have hurt my Gurdy!
Micky- Ow! That hurt! And my feelings!
Grunt- SHEILA! (Rarely, even with IWHBYD. Said when you come at them with a Scorpion)

I can’t think of many right now.

Marine- “You’re undressing me with your eyes aren’t you? You’re a freak.”

Halo 3 Grunt quotes

“You killed Flip-Yap! Or Yap-Flip was he? It was Yap-Flip…no, Flip-Yap was his brother! Don’t tell me I don’t know Flip-Yap! Flip-Yap and I went to the Nipple Academy together, and now he’s dead!” - After killing another Grunt (Only with IWHBYD skull active).

“The Arbiter’s a p***s!” - When the Arbiter dies, IWHBYD Skull needed.

“Did you watch that new Youtube Poop?” - Very rare, IWHBYD skull needed.

“Zombie!” - Upon seeing dead player again after respawn, IWHBYD possibly needed

“Look, I teabagged him with my blue ball!” - Said when a Grunt sticks you in the face
with IWHBYD on

Halo 3 Elite quotes possibly need IWHBYD

“I will name my child after you.”- When given a good weapon

“Didn’t I give you this for Christmas? Is there something you require?”- When given a weapon, very rare

“What? Do you want me to say ‘Wort Wort Wort’?”, “Wort Wort Wort”, “Shut up, Thomas.” - After staring for a while, very rare

“Wort! Wort! Wort!”

“You shot me fool!” - After shooting the Arbiter.

Halo 3 and ODST Brute quotes

“We don’t take American Express!” - IWHBYD required, extremely rare.

“It’s Hammer time!” - When IWHBYD Skull is active. Possible reference to a lyrics from a rap sang by MC Hammer-U can’t Touch This.

“The Demon is dead. Now, we can cuddle!” - After killing John-117, IWHBYD required.

“Change your -Yoink!- and freshen up!” - Taunting John-117. IWHBYD Skull needed

“Don’t worry; we’ll kill him tomorrow.”

“I have the power!” - IWHBYD - Reference to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Yelled by He-Man.

“I’ll go close. No inappropriate touching!”

Guilty Spark in Halo 3: “I’m getting -Yoink- slapped!” as well as “Ow! That hurt my feelings!.. Oh my God, I have feelings?! I’M A REAL BOY!”

Grunt: You killed my best buddy!

This may have been just really good timing but in Reach

-Jun “What? You don’t like my cooking!?” -Elite in response “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Grunt (with stickies): "Taste my bright blue BALLS!!!"

I just about died laughing, and then actually got killed because I wasn’t paying attention.

That, or Kat’s ridiculous laugh, followed by: "Ahem… Sorry you had to hear that, Six"