Favorite Human weapon

My favorites are Sniper, Shotgun, Magnum, and Battle Rifle.

I personally favor the Shotgun, Spartan Laser and Assault Rifle

SMG, SAW or the SPNKR rocket launcher

CE Magnum is number 1, no doubt about that

Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SAW, DMR, and BR

Either the Combat Evolved pistol or the Battle Rifle. I am a sucker for the precision weapons (even though my favorite automatic weapon is the Plasma Rifle).

CE magnum , DMR , BR and Rocket Launcher

DMR and CE Magnum

CE Magnum is by far the best weapon but I love dual wielding SMGs or the silenced weapons in ODST.

Always will be the Halo 2 BR.

Halo CE magnum hands down my favorite.

duel smg

I don’t think you can beat the Halo Combat Evolved era Shotgun. That thing was an absolute beast. However the DMR is where it is at for me. I have never been great with the BR.


#CE 4 LiFz

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> #CE 4 LiFz

Oh, -Yoink!-, I mean #CE Magnum 4 LiFZ, lol

H1 Pistol and H3 Assault Rifle

Grenade launcher

Pistol and sniper

CE pistol, socom pistol and the grenade launcher.