Favorite helment?

What is your favorite helmet?

Mark v :slight_smile:

Personally, I love the Haunted variant of the Pilot helmet. The skull is awesome and comical, generally it’s really cool. And yeah, Mark V is awesome too.

I don’t really have a specific opinion in this matter has there exist a relatively large number of Helmets to choose from. For instance, Halo 5 has 102 different Helmets to offer if deduce all of the variants from the calculations and Halo 3 has 33 different helmets (343 plans to add few additional Helmets in Season 8).

Halo 3: Hayabusa

Halo Reach: Gungnir

Halo 4: Waterworks

Halo 5: Bucks ODST

Recon all the way.

Haunted helmet from Halo Reach.

Halo Reach: Commando

ODST or Commando are my top 2

oooh this is hard, its tied between Military Police from Reach or CQB, But my number one favorite helmet in all of halo is the Halo 3 Pilots Helmet.

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> Recon all the way.

Yes same here!! Love it!

Military Police from Reach, Halo 3 Rogue, Halo 4 & 5 Air Assault, and Anubis!

GEN2 Centurion from Halo 5. Always has been my favorite because of Fred-104.

Athlon from halo 5. it has such a simple, yet, unique design

HR: Default
H3 Recon
H4 Keystone (mcc) and Mark VI (360)
H5 Achilles
And coming soon to Halo Infinite Yoroi

Mk V, Default

i was head over heels for the helmet emile wears, eva in halo reach. after that id choose either chiefs variants. halo 4 i liked the venator and aviator variants

It will always be classic Recon

The ODST helmet

Halo 3

  • Rouge - CQB - Mark VHalo 4 and 5

  • Recruit - Centurion - War master - Aviator - AnubisHalo Reach

  • Pilot - Operator - Commando - Mark V (B) - ODST.
    I’m starting to like the Halo Infinite helmet, Cavallino and Master chief new helmet looks great.