Favorite helm?

Mine is the EVA. What’s you guys fav?

scout because sarah palmer is amazing

War Master

Mark IV

I’m really torn between Rogue, Locus and Copperhead. I can’t decide!

Mark VI

Noble, Strider (all variants), Commando and Mark VI [GEN1] Scarred.

the one i want is the copper hear one that vale has.

My runner-up is Scout.

Mark V. Too bad they butchered the helmet design for this game rather than used the one from Halo 4 or Halo Reach.

The Mark VI

I really like the Noble helmet.

Locus, Helioskrill, Fotus are fun. There are several more like raider that I like as well.

Recon - ultra rare variant

Mark IV

Can’t wait till I get my hands on Locus, Deadeye is great for now though. A big fan of Enforcer too.

Mark IV. Too bad it’s ridiculous to try to get… Can’t it just be rare instead of mythic?! Come on 343!

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> scout because sarah palmer is amazing

Same. :slight_smile:

Warrior. I’ve loved it since it was first shown in the Halo 4 multiplayer reveal. Warrior armor is pretty meh, though.

I love anything that looks blocky, angular, and “standard”. Anything that follows the same artistic principles that the baseline MJOLNIR suits do. I absolutely hate the Japanesey looking stuff that comprises the majority of armor from Halo 4 and 5.