Favorite halo?

My favorite halo has always been reach. I love the custom games and the simplicity of the leveling system. I just wanna hear what you guys have to say.

Gotta be halo reach tbh noble team where badasses

They all possess loveable things, so its pretty difficult to pick.

CE -

  • The refined and smooth FPS controls. They set a new gold standard for the console industry - The campaign gameplay and its story - The System-Linked Multiplayer mode was ground breaking; especially, 16 player Big Team Battles - The vehicles - The weapons - Sidewinder, Blood Gulch, Battle Creek, Hang 'Em High, Boarding Action, Rat Race, Damnation, Prisoner, Wizard, Longest - The nostalgia is strong with this one as it helped redefine what was capable (and now expected) of a console FPSH2 -

  • The introduction of Halo to Xbox Live for its multiplayer mode. It took console online matchmaking for a FPS to new heights by setting a new gold standard for the industry and that was despite the struggles the game had with modders, hackers, and cheaters - Board-able and destructible vehicles - The Gauss Hog - Interactive maps - Proximity chat - Coagulation, Waterworks, Containment, Zanzibar, Terminal, Headlong, Elongation, Lockout, Colossus, Sanctuary, Ivory Tower, Midship, Relic, Burial Mounds, Beaver Creek, Tombstone, Ascension, Turf, Warlock, Awash - New modes in Assault, 3-Plot, and the wacky Action Sack playlist - The built-in online features helped to, more or less, birth the custom community despite Combat Evolved’s influence - Medals - Player emblems - Useful (in-game) visual player indicators - The notorious Battle Rifle and the growing sandbox; by the way, the lock-on feature of the Rocket Launcher was really neat - Paved way for Microsoft’s TrueSkill system - Helped Halo become a big name within the early start of eSports - The pitiful amount of online competition regarding quality games allowed this title’s online population to remain steadily strong throughout all of its primary life-cycle - Bungie.net tracked all of your game history and even provided a play-by-play visual map breakdown of every kill/death action that occurred in every game you playedH3 -

  • The BETA - The (up-to) 4-player vehicular escape mission at the end of the campaign - The campaign scoring tracker - The balance improvements to the ever growing sandbox of weapons - The introduction of a new prominent enemy race (Brute) with their own multi-player weapons and vehicles - The introduction of the UNSC Hornet - Many new medals - The removal of button glitches - No more super bounce jumps - Matchmaking improvements that addressed modders, hackers, and cheaters as well as providing better skill-based matchmaking - Ranked and Social environments - The minimal online competition the game initially faced and the notoriety that the franchise carried allowed its’ online population to top that of its predecessor and stay healthy for the majority of its primary life-cycle - Avalanche, Valhalla, The Pit, Standoff, Guardian, Rat’s Nest, Construct, Last Resort, High Ground, Blackout, Sandbox, Narrows, Heretic, Sandtrap, Longshore, Isolation, Orbital, Ghost Town, Citadel, Epitaph, Snowbound - The official Infection, SWAT, and Multi-team modes/playlists - Personalized Spartan character armor - Forge and Theater were ground breaking introductions for a console title - The Forge feature and introduction of the File Server grew the custom community by leaps and boundsODST -

  • The campaign and the game’s atmosphere - The silenced Magnum, silenced SMG, and VISR system - Firefight; though, I had wished matchmaking existed for it - Introduction of BuckReach -

  • Forge’s evolution - The official Race mode - The growth of the file share - The experience progression ranking system - The daily, weekly, monthly challenges - The commendation system - The expansion of personal character armor customization - Forge World, Highlands, Hemorrhage (Forge World), Ridgeline, Countdown, Breakneck, Battle Canyon (HCEA), Asylum (Forge World), Reflection, High Noon (HCEA), Condemned, Boardwalk, Tempest, Paradiso (Forge World), Zealot, Penance (HCEA), Powerhouse, Pinnacle (Forge World), Uncaged (Forge World), Solitary (HCEA) - Introduction of the DMR and Needle Rifle (I liked it better than the Carbine); though, I missed the BR. I also enjoyed the introduction of the Plasma Caster, Grenade Launcher, and Concussion Rifle - The removal of duel wielding grew on me as being for-the-better - Grateful for 343i’s Title Update that addressed a ton of major issues with the game - The Covenant’s Revenant and the UNSC’s Rocket Hog - Introduced the Sprint mechanic to Halo; though, I wished it wasn’t just an armor ability - Gave us Firefight with matchmaking - The Headhunters mode was somewhat interesting - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary’s matchmaking - The introduction of a Matchmaking preference setting - The campaign - Piloting the Sabre starfighter spaceplane within the campaign Operation: UPPERCUT mission - The campaign’s last stage which saw your character earn the UNSC’s MIA tag for a Spartan - More new medalsH4 -

  • JiP! It was an extremely welcomed addition for more social modes; however, it was implemented into the game pretty poorly - The vast scoring system was ideal for social environments - Ordinance Drops for social environments - More new medals - The reward incentives for driving a Warthog - The overall sandbox balance post re-tune - The introduction of a new enemy race’s weapons (Promethean) - The introduced of the UNSC SAW, Railgun, and Sticky Detonator - Sprint movement as a standard mechanic - The new modes of Extraction, Dominion, (Team) Regicide, and Ricochet. Not to mention, Big Team SWAT - BLUR animated cut-scenes - Longbow, Ragnarok, Haven, Pitfall, Meltdown, Daybreak, Adrift, Skyline, Vortex, Complex, Landfall, Exile, Outcast, Settler (Ravine), Perdition, Abandoned, Harvest, Vertigo, Solace, Relay (Impact), Ascent (Erosion) - Introduction of some new features to Forge - The attempt to role Multiplayer into Halo’s cannon - Piloting a Pelican in the Campaign mission Shutdown and a Broadsword in the Campaign mission MidnightH5 -

  • The BETA - JiP, since it was implemented more properly - The incredible sandbox and its general balance; the REQ system’s amazing weapon variants - Treating the magnum as a competent and useful starting weapon - Getting back to a balanced start concept - Spartan Abilities; though, Spartan Charge could use some tweaking - The Custom Browser - The Minigame label - More new medals - Weaponry highlighting - Spartan chatter and location labels - Forge. The advances have greatly helped to strengthen the custom community as well as to allow them to reach incredible achievements - Spartan Companies - Dispelled, Eagle Square, Traffic Jam, Viking, Blok Pit, Scavenger, Basin, Echoes, Truth, White Cell, Mercy, Plaza, The Rig, Coliseum, Recurve, Deadlock, Battle Creek, Hang 'Em High, Entombed, Ancestor, Risen, Fracture, Boulevard, Stasis, Torque, Fathom, Empire, Molten, Eden, Damnation, Guillotine, Alter, Tyrant, Cobalt, Shurima, Hanger, Riptide, Overgrowth, Orion II, Thermoptic, Pegasus II, Freight, Rat Race, Geist - All DLC included at no additional cost! Thanks to a minor-ly invasive REQ system that doesn’t exactly turn the game into P2W - Dedicated servers - Seat switching within vehicles - 60 frames per second game-play - Advanced control settings - Warzone was an intriguing concept, but the return of a new type of Firefight within this area of the game is the best aspect of it - The squad concept in campaign - Focused, Balanced, and Expanded Matchmaking preferences - The ability to Spectate and Observe matches. - The Promethean Soldier and Goblin Mech - The Bronze - Onyx CSRs - Matchmaker & TrueSkill improvements

Difficult, if i had to pick I’d say Halo 2. At least currently, my opinion can change over time, i’d have said maybe Halo CE a year or two ago, and Halo 3 even earlier. But, now I’ll say Halo 2.

Probably Zeta Halo. Maybe Omega or Delta? But then again, a lot happened on Alpha… Or were you talking about the games?

Combat evolved. It’s the start, it redefined console shooters in its era, it wasn’t bogged down with redundancy, gimmicks, and it kept to the concept of being simple to play but hard to master.

I pretty much say this every time but this a hard question to answer! It depends on which Halo I’m in the mood for! However I always lean more towards to Halo 2 with questions like this!

2 or 3 depending on what I’m in the mood for. Probably prefer 3 over 2 just for forge. I also didn’t really like the button combos in Halo 2 multiplayer. Added complexity to a series based around simplicity.

halo 2 by a landslide. variety of amazing music, very engaging story, militaristic yet kind of ominous atmosphere, challenging campaign, and despite what people might think because of halo 5 I really like the concept of seeing more than one point of view.

Personally the majority of Halo video-games.

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> Combat evolved. It’s the start, it redefined console shooters in its era, it wasn’t bogged down with redundancy, gimmicks, and it kept to the concept of being simple to play but hard to master.

I have to second this.

CE was an elegantly simple game. That’s not to say I don’t value all the additions like Forge, custom game options, and teather, or even some gameplay mechanics like vehicle hijacking, but I would happily take a modern Halo with the core gameplay of CE over what we currently have.

ODST has been my favorite Halo game to date. I loved the story, the narrative design, the characters, the soundtrack, and perhaps most importantly Firefight mode. Firefight has been my favorite PVE experience in any game that I’ve played.

CE… Loved the game. Just the motion physics of your Avatar, straff, everything seemed more like natural movement than other games I played.

I usually offer ODST as my favorite game in the series. The truth is a bit more complicated as I’ve loved different stuff about them all. I have the most fond memories of CE and dorm life. H2 had the best story in the arbiter’s tale and my favorite map. H3 had the best campaign missions almost infinitely replayable with ARC/Covenant breaking my sense of scale. ODST (Probably is my favorite overall) has such atmosphere and wonderful, unparalleled music. It also had firefight which is still a huge chunk of the fun I’ve had in Halo over the years. Just plugging the disc in after a long week and seeing how long you could stay alive was amazing. Reach brought invasion which is probably my favorite game mode. The story in H4 was emotional even if I found it lacking in most other ways. H5 is fun in a back to basics way and wz has so many interesting possibilities I’d love to see explored later on.

Halo 3 easily, It had solid gameplay/maps and the community was at it’s height.

For singleplayer experience, Halo Combat Evolved broke boundaries and was a great story overall. Easy to follow and understand, but gripping enough to feel like you were making a difference in what was happening. The first discovery of the Halo, figuring out what the weapon did… Those were some real “wow” moments. The plot twist with the Flood was really well done, and overall it’s just my favorite of the series.

For a multiplayer experience, Halo 2 was probably my favorite. Dual wielding was awesome!

As with always with these topics. Halo 2 for it has been overall best experience.

Halo 2 for campaign, Halo 5 for multiplayer, forge, and customs, Halo 3 is best overall.

Campaign - Halo: Reach
Multiplayer - Halo 5 (and Halo 3 playlist)

Reach, that game is my -Yoink- and will forever be my favorite.