favorite halo

So I have been playing halo ever since I bought my xbox 360. I started with halo 3 and I immediately loved the game and me an my brother would play split-screen with my cousins in Ireland and we would play the game for hours it just didn’t get boring it was always fun. Then halo reach released although we still played it a lot but it just wasn’t like halo 3 it got boring but not after we had our fun. Then halo 4 released and I loved the campaign but the multi-player just wasn’t fun I stopped playing it after a few months and really never went back to halo at all. I got the xbox one on week one and missed halo so I was ready for halo 5 and everything leading up to halo 5 made it seem like it was going to be the best halo ever i loved hunt the truth. sure the halo 5 campaign wasn’t what we thought but it was still good I really like blue team but I just wish the campaign was longer I hope they keep blue team for halo 6 and just expand on it.
Now the halo 5 multiplayer is in my opinion the best halo multiplayer ever even better then halo 3. I love warzone and arena is perfectly balanced. I just wish there was more game modes like infected but I can’t complain at all about the multiplayer I’m SR 99 almost 100 I have gotten every thing from the bronze and sliver packs and am trying to get everything from the gold pack. I haven’t bought any gold or sliver packs but I did buy the warzone premium pack when I first bought the game and I didn’t get anything from it.
I have been playing halo for a long time but I was never part of the forums or anything I just played the game I loved. I really love halo 5 and want to be part of the community and help halo grow.
My brother has a youtube channel and has 16k subscribers and we both love halo. so I recorded some of my best moments in warzone and made it into a small 1 minute video. I hope you enjoy it and I plan to be a active member of the halo community. My gamertag is gamingkomar

Best Halo? Halo 3 without question. Best campaign, most fun missions, incredible multiplayer, and awesome co-op experience. CE is a close second.