Favorite Halo Split-Screen Co-Op Campaign Memories

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Post an early memory you have of playing split-screen campaign co-op and what made it special in the replies below.

This started as a reply as to another thread but, I decided it needed its own post.

I’m honestly just really disheartened and upset about losing split-screen campaign co-op.

Halo 5 was a massive let down that it didn’t have split screen co-op, and I truly believed 343 would never cut it again after all the backlash.

For me and many others, not having split screen co-op is about the same as not having co-op at all. I know zero people who will/can play online co-op with me. I do however have a ton of people would love to play split-screen co-op with me, especially people who don’t want/like to play multiplayer. It feels as though 343i’s basically just told them to not bother playing the exact mode which led to me (and countless others) loving Halo and all of it’s modes.

I think back to when I was 8 and got the og xbox for my birthday. My older brother got a copy of Halo CE to play on it, at my age I wasn’t allowed to play that game… One day I was tryna boot up fusion frenzy and my older bro is on MY console and is refusing to let me use it since he was playing a game I was too young for. Long story short he booted up Split screen co-op and my entire world was blown. To this day, one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and
favorite childhood memories was playing CE with him for the first time.

-I remember how dumbstruck and excited I was when I saw the prompt to fly the banshee for the first time on Assault on the control room.
-I remember getting into fights with my brother when we’d play multiplayer and he would complain I was screen-looking lol.
-Playing Halo was so integral in my childhood that today, I literally cannot imagine a world where it never happened, and yet 343 just guaranteed tons of people a future in that very world.

All of these incredible memories and experiences will now, never be had playing Infinite.

It’s just really, really sad


I get where you’re coming from, I just figured possibly the collective weight of all the future memories that were just snuffed out may make them re-think this one a little longer. Our memories are constructive feedback for them.

Here’s a memory. I’ve played Halo with my best friend and his son for long time now (and they play local all the time). They play split on their console and I join with mine. We’ve been playing through the whole collection. It’s been a blast.

Sadly now we’ll never get to enjoy Infinite together. We’re certainly not buying a third console and copy of the game and Xbox Gold just to make it happen. The choice to drop co-op was a middle finger to all the loyal fans that have been playing the franchise co-op split screen for years.

They claimed they heard our complaints back in 2017. They said multiple times this year that they’ve been working on it. Now to drop it after years of promises really sucks.

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Totally agree. Well said.

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