Favorite Halo Reach Helmet?

Title says it all!

Mine is Grenadier and Mark V

Mark V.

Can’t beat the classics! xP

Both Mk.V variants. I do like the Grenadier and Pilot without bald-spot as well.

Military Police.

My love for Halo 3’s EVA has continued to Reach.

I love the HAZOP Helment



It just has this Spec-Op-Commander feel to it.

Fully built-out Commando…


I used to rock the JFO helmet back when I made my spartan look like the example one you see before you go into the armory. But as of late, I seem to be hooked on the CQC helmet with my current armor set-up, colors and armor effect. I’ve had it as that helmet for a long time.

I’m a sucker for Pilot.

Operator is cool too.

i like the GungNir helmet the best.