Favorite Halo Novels

  • Halo: The Flood - Halo: Ghosts of Onyx - Halo: The Fall of Reach - Halo: The First Strike
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach. - Halo: The Flood. - Halo: First Strike. - Halo: Hunters in the Dark.

1 Halo: Hunters in The Dark
2 Halo: Evolutions
3 Halo: Fall of Reach
4 Halo: Contact Harvest
5 The Kilo 5 trilogy

Ghosts of Onyx has gotta be my favorite. It’s got that raw emotional power that just gets me every time. RIP Sam, true legend.

Halo: Last Light. Should be obvious why!

Top 3:

  • Contact Harvest - Fall of Reach - First StrikeI love the newer stuff, but these three were just so dang good.

The Flood is definitely my fav XD without a doubt. Then either Contact Harvest or First Strike, don’t know which to put for number 2/3 XD

Ghost of Onyx and Fall of Reach are classics.

Despite the sickening moralizing from ONI, the Kilo 5 trilogy is probably the best written and character developments of the books.
Envoy is pretty good too, except I was actually more interested in the tense situation between envoys of two formally enemy species and the tightrope to walk between, but that got thrown out the window pretty quickly. :confused:

Only done 10 of them so far but right now my top 5 would be:

  • The fall of Reach - Primordium - Ghosts of Onyx - Silentium - Contact Harvest (could do without Johnsons -Yoink!--scene though, sorry Joe)

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> - Contact Harvest (could do without Johnsons -Yoink!--scene though, sorry Joe)

Agree with you there.

Kilo 5 trilogy easily for me. Has the best character writing I the series, and I found myself really attached to everyone by the end; and tackles multiple morally grey areas, adding some depth to the series.

shadow of intent was amazing as well, I loved getting more time with R’tas (a personal favorite character), and more time with the Sangheili in general. More from their perspective is always welcome. The story itself was great with some very good arcs and development! I’d like to see more stories with these characters.

Halo : The Flood all the way.

i haven’t read many Halo books, but my favorite was definitely “Halo: The Flood”

I have only read Halo: The Fall of Reach and it is pretty cool

Favorite was probably The Flood but I enjoyed the characters from the Kilo 5 trilogy a lot too.