Favorite halo game and why?

Have a good day mine favorite is halo 3 ODST and what comes next is Reach and 3 tied with it.

Halo Reach because it was my first and introduced me to the series as a whole, and I met all of my XBL friends there that I still talk to. Plus me and my best friend we’d stay up until 5am every day playing for 12 hours doing the easter eggs on New Alexandria just flying around in a Pelican or Phantom and then going and chilling in Club Errera while the Grunts Danced, was a very fun time.

Halo 3 cos’ of the custom game memories I have.

Halo 2 is the best Halo. Why?

Best story.
Best remaster.
The Scarab Gun.
The Arbiter.
The BR.
First XBL multiplayer.
SMG starts (assault rifle is a horrific alternative except in CE, don’t get me started on the uselessness of that gun).
Tower of Power.

The list goes on…

If halo 2 is great so I share your opinion

Halo 2 because that game was all my childhood also I played it too much to get the Easter eggs, also I love the dialogues, they are very funny

Halo 3 because it was an amazing conclusion to Bungie’s story, and it’s also the first one I played so replaying it gives me the feels.

Halo 2 felt the best for me, it was the mix between Halo CE and Halo 3.

Halo 2. I think it has the best story, re-playability and soundtrack.

If we are talking campaign wise, then it’s Halo 2 for me. I love the story and I love how difficult it is on legendary difficulty.

If we are talking multiplayer wise, then it’s Halo Reach for me. It just feels the most smooth out of all the titles, and has a great selection of maps (excluding forge crap). I have had so much fun with both of these games for their respective reasons.

I’d have to say halo ODST, I absolutely love the music in it. And the background story telling plus the audio logs.
I love alot of the Halo games but ODST is my favourite

5 for the competition

Halo 2. Even if the gameplay wasn’t as good as CE or 3, Halo 2 gave me the strongest emotions from the story and missions and for me that’s what stands out the most. It was the most impactful to me

Ohohohoho. Mine is ODST all the way. With the calming atmosphere and music on Mombasa Streets, the pressure being pushed on you during Uplift Reserve, and the amazing Costal Highway where at the end you feel like all hope is lost, but its not.

Just to play Devil’s Advocate, Halo CE had the best campaign. Muahahaha.

I still love playing Halo 3. It was great to see Master Chief and Arbiter teaming up in Halo 3.

Halo 5 i love that game for the multiplayer, is so good