Favorite Halo Easter Eggs

Halo CE: Would most definitely be the legendary ending with Sgt. Johnson and the Elite hugging :3

Halo 2: It was kinda hard to get, but the Scarab Gun was totally worth it.

Halo 3: There are so many great ones from this that I gotta at least mention the RvB dialogues on the mission “Crow’s Nest”, but I’m ultimately going with the peeing Brute on the mission “The Ark”. I will never forget the first time I played the mission and just went, “WHAT THE…?” XD

Halo ODST: I never like to miss out on epic cutscenes during the campaign, especially the final, but seeing Buck with that random monkey is just hilarious to me.

Halo Reach: Activating the button that starts a Brute/Grunt disco party in the tower is just awesome!

Halo 4: I’d say every RvB radio dialogue from Spartan Ops is always great to hear in combat.

Halo 5 Guardians: The Grunt that floats across the opening screen is always worth waiting for. How about you guys, what’s your favorite?

You literally listed all the ones I was going to pick.

CE: Same. Sgt Johnson just giving up the fight and hugging the Elite was awesome.
H2: the cowardly grunt
H3: Morse code radio on High Ground
H4: the Mantis pilot on The Composer
H5: the sandworm on the Rig
Reach: visiting Dr. Halsey’s lab
ODST: Web-O’s Cereal, your mom loves 'em!

Johnson and the Elite in CE.
All special grunts in Halo 2.
Don’t remember any from Halo 3.
Hologram T-Bag in Halo 4. (Don’t know if it counts)
Exuberant’s zoo in Guardians.

Anybody else?

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> Anybody else?

Halo 4 RvB easter eggs.

I’m to lazy to list one from all of them in order, so as I think of them, I’m going to list them

  • The grunt from Halo 3 were if you stopped trying to drive for your life for one minute in the last mission, you could go down this hole and listen to this grunt talk about all this stuff about things - The last cutscene on Halo reach after you delivered Cortana, look right and you’ll see chief on the autumn - Halo 4 RvB Spartan ops voice lines - Halo 3 peeing brutethose are the ones off the top of my head, there are probably other fond others I forgot here, but those are the ones that come to mind.

How about we find the new Easter Egg in Warzone on Halo 5 that no ones found yet? (Scroll for Warzone Easter Egg mention)

Halo 2 Scarab gun!

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> How about we find the new Easter Egg in Warzone on Halo 5 that no ones found yet? (Scroll for Warzone Easter Egg mention)

Huh, that’s very interesting!

The monkey family from halo 3. Just so…wtf when I first found it lol