Favorite Halo 5 map

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For me, it’s Overgrowth. Colosseum feels wonderful as well. As a whole though, I like maps like Overgrowth which penalize stationary or camping players. People say it becomes a shoulderfest, but those only work if you’re running behind someone (and an assassination is a hassle for competitive players) or run into someone and decide you don’t want them to crack you open. As a whole, I like the lack of people shooting from across the map or long range players who can’t finish you off before ducking (and then someone appearing behind them and assassinating or pummeling them for acting like snobs.

It’s a map for people who feel they have the right to know who kill them and who they are killing, like me. If I wanted to kill you from afar, I’d ask for an Ad Victoriam…

None. 343i are absolutely terrible at making maps

For Arena, I think my favorite map is Entombed, possibly even Recurve, I really like a lot of the BTB maps (besides Deadlock which is a TOTAL SHTFEST ever since they took out the DMR/Gungoose and added TWO Wasps that respawn every 3 minutes, FCK!!! Sorry, they just ruined that map for me completely).

For Warzone, I’d have to say Escape from Arc followed closely by Attack on Sanctum

Plaza 1st, Fathom 2nd

Coliseum is my favorite.

A lot (and I mean ALOT) of the Team Arena/Slayer maps are absolute trash, I’m sorry, but if you compare these 4v4 sided maps to the ones in Halo 2,3, and Reach you will want to shoot your brains out.

Construct, High Ground, Narrows, Guardian, Haven, Citadel, Countdown, Swordbase>>>>>>>>>Coliseum, Empire, Ripass, Eden, Plaza, The Rig, Regret, Alpine, Overgrowth, Fathom

I’d say Altar. I’m not a big fan of 343’s maps as a whole and their over reliance on the community doing their jobs for them annoys me. Forge maps are cool, but they shouldn’t make up as large a percentage of the map count as they do. At least 90% of maps should be dev created using professional development tools.