Favorite Halo 3 Memory?

What was your guys’ favorite Halo 3 memory?

Peronally some of mine are

~ Getting all the skulls
~ Getting all the achievements
~ Fat Kid infection
~ Legendary completion

I could go on for days on how good this game was! And i bet you guys can too!

Getting one of the first cone kills, In which I killed one enemy with the cone but a series of unfortunate events also led to the death of 3 of my own team all that with one Sniper Bullet…

Wish I had a copy of it, its on my old broken Xbox which I haven’t thrown out for that cause alone… I will fix you one day my beloved…

Thank you for the Recon to the guy who uploaded to old Bungie forums I think he was on my team.

Getting my first 50 and all the perfection matches I’ve gotten (and continue to get).

All the vidmasters with my buds. particularly annual and endure.
Getting my first 50
Late night boosting sesh’s (yes I’m not proud of it)
Running Team Slayer
idk what else this game is the greatest of all time

The Annual Vidmaster and Custom Games. Priceless moments.

Driving the warthog on Halo on Legendary co-op at a lan, with the epic score playing. That kept us going til like 5 or 6 in the morning if I remember! Good times.

H3 = best game ever.

The first time my Spartan died and made my favorite death noise.

My first Multiplayer overkill (a few days ago)

Beating the campaign on legendary (oh wait, I’m still working on this)

I was playing the campaign and I had the Spartan lazer, and I got a triple kill when three Brutes literally lined up for the shot. It was pretty awesome.

and all the custom games i played with friends from dusk till dawn

playing it right before i got halo 4 :smiley:

  • Getting the 2 for 1 achievement (at the time it was the last one i needed and i tried so hard, for so long to get it, making it all the better when i did finally get it!)

  • Spending countless hours looking for glitches and easter eggs in the campaign and in forge/custom games - things like the monkey family, trying to ‘get out’ of maps, and those weird easter egg things on sandtrap, which brings me to…

  • Spending wayyyy too much time in forge on sandtrap with heaps of friends, trying everything to figure out what ‘the secret of sandtrap’ was.

Also, trying to kill people with cones and the quest for Recon was fun, even though I never achieved either.

Those late night Infection games that go on forever with your friends.

Nothing can beat Halo 3 <3

Finishing Cortana on solo Legendary (because it’s the last mission I did on solo Legendary)

Two For One

Each Perfection I got

My first Killionaire


Pwning people with shotty on Valhalla

Last Resort in general

‘Chief, you really trust Cortana that much?’
‘Sir. Yes sir.’

The warthog run at the end. Best part of the entire series.

Mine was finishing campaign on legandary,skulls and haveing a laugh with friends.

All of the custom maps and gametypes.
The campaign.
Social slayer, everyone had a mic when Halo 3 was out, the fun was endless.

Playing Team Doubles with my brother on the weekend in splitscreen. My how time flys…

Fat Kid infection, oh my gawd I remember the endless nights of that on different maps, so much laughter. Playing from like 9pm to 7am was just amazing.
I really, really miss this game now thinking about it :confused:

Playing fat kid, jenga, trash man, micheal myers, jaws, races, and all kinds of infection for hours on end from about 3pm to 9am me, friends, friends friends, friends friends friends :stuck_out_tongue: just playing with al our maps, dled maps and oh my god i wish it could be like that again ): i hardly talk to my old friends i played with not to mention all the people i met but dident add RIP halo 3 custom games you will be missed

  • Getting my first kill in multiplayer (Oh, Spartan laser!)
  • Starting campaign
  • Infection with friends