Favorite gametype?

My favorite gametype would probably be,

  1. Ricochet

  2. Swat/flood

  3. Capture the flag

  4. Regicide

  1. Big Team Battle (Slayer and Objectives)

  2. Ricochet

  3. Dominion

  4. Regicide

Halo 4: Ricochet
All time: Invasion

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy most playlists in Halo 4, however I think some have been executed poorly (BTB, Slayer, Snipers and Griftball). So seen as you didn’t specify to which game, my list is as follows.

  1. Halo 4 Ricochet
    Its just such a fun playlist. Its just so fresh and new. The objective is actually surprisingly fun to play (I am someone who is usually the slayer of the team). I think the whole concept is just genius.

  2. Halo Reach Team Snipers
    Halo 4 really let me down when it came to team snipers. I played Reach’s allot and even go back to play it every week or so. The maps are pretty crap (even Haven plays poorly) and the spawning is even worse. I could play on Countdown all day and still not get bored.

  3. Halo Reach MLG
    I loved the maps and settings. It was so fun playing with friends against people with similar skill, or even better players than myself for a change. I haven’t played much of Throwdown because I have no friends that play Halo 4 regually nor that fancy competitive settings. I never even ventured into Halo 3’s MLG, I sucked in that game.

  4. Halo Reach BTB
    The on disc maps were a bit iffy but some of the forge maps were truly brilliant. Asphalt, Typhoon, Mt Lam Lam ect were all brilliant maps that you could enjoy. The vehicle gameplay was perfect. Falcons were a blast and the Scorpian/Warthog/Banshee actually had some decent use outside of 2-3 kills before dying. Halo 4’s BTB is a sham. Lack of descope, Camo Campers, Ordnance, Long Range weapons, Plasma Pistols+nades, crappy maps, paper thin vehicles + lack of space for vehicles to maneuver around all make it a crappy playlist.

  5. Halo 4 SWAT
    Needs updating so bad. Some maps such as Adrift and Black Site play terribly on it. Apart from that it is probably my most played playlist in Halo 4.

  1. Grifball

  2. Ricochet

  3. RIP multi team.

and the first attempt at fiesta in Halo 4 (not the revamped “classic” -Yoink-. I did warn you guys about going back to form for that one…)

Jim… I don’t know actually…

And fiesta is fine…

  1. Infinity slayer

  2. Action sack

  3. Dominion

  4. Swat

  5. BTB

Btb when there isn’t a lag storm.

Swat when I put on my warface and catch my stride.

Ctf and flood for pure entertainment purposes.

Dominion when I want a long game and feel like I need to -yoink- people up

In Halo 4:

Infinity Slayer


but for halo 4: it WAS multi team, now thats about to die so im just going for flood victory master, but i don’t particularly like flood…

1 Flag CTF

  1. Action Sack
  2. Dominion
  3. Grifball!
  1. FFA (Halo 3 Lone Wolves) - Easily my favourite playlist hands down. Something about Halo 3’s Lone Wolves was so bizarrely fun to me. Probably because it was the only Halo game I played FFA on where jumping was still a legitimate strategy.

Rest in Peace, Lone Wolves Epitaph. You will be missed.

  1. Invasion - Ignoring the horrifically unbalanced Invasion Slayer, Invasion was not only a fantastic gametype but a fantastic idea. One of the few playlists that really benefitted from the loadout system.

Oh, and shooting down banshees and whatnot with that grenade launcher was epic.

  1. SWAT (Reach) - A favourite of mine since my cousin introduced me to it back in Halo 2. I personally found 3’s version pretty disappointing (dat inconsistent BR) but Reach picked it up again (despite lack of ranking system). I still miss grenades in SWAT… and objective gametypes.

Halo 4’s threw it back into the ground. Simply put, I found it far to easy to be enjoyable. The Swagnum was fun though…

  1. Snipers (Halo 3) - Honestly, I think Halo 3 nailed snipers in all aspects other than movement speed. Halo Reach did well (although I found it easier) and Halo 4’s simply has too much magnetism for my liking.

  2. Ricochet - Halo 4’s best gametype, and pretty much the only one where I don’t think custom weapon setups get in the way as much as normal. Looking forward to Ghostayame’s Competitive V5 variant.

My favourite in Halo 4 is Lightning Flag.

Legendary slayer BR’S

  1. Team Slayer
  2. Team Doubles
  3. Ricochet
  4. Dominion
  5. Flood