favorite explosive weapon

The explosive SAW Reqs the Warden Eternal.

I like the Spartan Laser a lot, but the hydra is a close second.

I personally like the upgraded railgun with fast firing and 2 ammo per load

The railgun with the hydra as a close second are my favorite. I just love to blast the hell out a spartan with that railgun and it just sounds so powerful when it charges up and shoots.

Railgun, Its an anti infantry splaser. How can u not like it!

Dat Whiplash Railgun is a beast.

Voids tear then whiplash

I think having whiplash is better than having a sniper rifle

I’d say the Whiplash. You can solo an entire base with it alone better than even the Answer. 1 hit kill, fast charging and great damage to infantry to easily give you multi kills. I only use it when I feel like the other team deserves to get trolled, or I really need a base cleared. Other than that, I’m just saving them up.

The Answer can tear through enemies at any range, but the whiplash is my second favorite, because it can take down anything fast.

Haha railgun has 45% just goes to show Nothing can surpass Whiplash. that thing is Godly.