Favorite Custom Gametype For Forge Maps ?

Hello fellow HALO non COD gamer’s lol

So i have a question, my good friend is very dedicated to forge and map building,
which type of map would you most like to see:

  1. a RACE map
  2. a FLOOD map
  3. a CHALLENGE map
    or other ?

Please let me know below and the most recommended type map he will build next, i will send him the word, also leave any forge map ideas below as’well thanks.

heres some of his work so far: http://www.youtube.com/user/LXGYT

My friends FORGE work so far

Add anything related to forge as’well that you might want built or seen in action, bye.

Are you even into forge anyone ?

HEY this is serious this guy is a great forger and i want to bring him some feedback from the halo community, i promised him haha

Check out his work everyone

Any input ?

Race maps are always a blast I say =) First imput.