Favorite custom game?

I don’t know about you guys but on Halo 5 custom games I find myself playing “Teacher”, a lot. There’s something about that game mode…

I loved so much that custom game named “Duck Hunt”, that was my favorite of all time.

Castle wars wether it’s with swords or fiesta it’s the most fun.

I really like the Survive maps and Jenga City.

I really like parkour games

Teacher is great, but I absolutely love Jenga and Sumo Bowl. I always have a great time with friends.

I find myself doing alot of shotty sniper octagon rumbles. Its a nice quick way to work the custom game precision kills and assists challenges @ the same time.

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> I really like parkour games

I loved that too, was so fun the parkour games.

Los juegos de parkour son los mas divertidos e infección ufff, son unas joyas
(Parkour games are the most fun and infection ufff, they are jewels)

I personally have no favorite mode in particular.