Favorite Covenant Species?

Grunts. Sweet, sweet grunts. Good with ketchup. They say funny things when you stick them. Sometimes. Oh, and of course: Gruntpocalypse.

Brutes are my favourite. I like the armour and Gravity Hammers of the Chieftains.

Elites and Grunts are my two favorites
(PS: Brutes official name is ‘Jiralhanae,’ Engineers are ‘Huragok,’ and Hunters are actually ‘Megurbglurgr.’)

elites grates warriors of all. i love learning about their culture

Grunts because the Grunt Birthday party.

Sangeili/Elites are the best.

Hunters! They look the coolest in Halo 3. They are smart, fast, and durable

I prefer elites.

Grunt !

J’adore les Sangheilis (surtout leurs épées)

wort, wort, wort, motha fragger…


They fight with honor and show no fear.
elites are the best.

i just love the elites because they are probably the ones with best game time

Elites are pretty cool. They’re up there with grunts for me. They just have this awesome and slick design.

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I like the grunts because of the grunt birthday party skull. It’s great.

Elites for the win

brutes are called jiralhanae which in Korean means retarded lunatic

Elites are the best :slight_smile: