Favorite campaign moments (!SPOILERS!)

I think the quality of a gaming experience can be defined by the amount of memorable moments that stand out amongst the rest of the experience. For me, Halo 5’s campaign had plenty of these and since, by now, a lot of us must’ve beaten the story I am curious to see what everyones favorite moments are. For me these are:

  1. The descend of Osiris into the Forerunner structure under Meridian. The music, the Forerunner installation bathed in the red light of the surrounding magma rivers and then, of course, the introduction of the Warden and the build-up to that one revalation that completely changed the tone of the game.
  2. Genesis. At least 30 minutes of my total campaign playtime must be attributed to just looking around that place and going “oooooooh”. Not really a “moment” per se, but eh it’s my thread so I get to bend the rules a little :stuck_out_tongue: Also dat Cortana reunion.
  3. Getting to fight the Covenant amongst the ancient Sangheli ruins.
  4. Finally finishing off the Covenant. And it only took a half a dozen games to do so :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Exuberant Witness is the best thing to happen to Halo since FOREVER!
  6. The reveal of all those Guardians standing by to enter slipspace and river of AI voices pledging their allegiance to Cortana.
  7. That cliffhanger.

All in all, there are plenty more things that I could mention but I decided to limit them to 7 since…well…this IS Halo after all. So what were your favorite moments of awesomeness in Halo 5?

Running down the guardian was awesome

My favorite moments:

1a) The reveal of Cortana as the main “villain” when Osiris meets the Warden. Did not see that coming. Probably one of the best plot twist I can remember.
1b) Chief and Locke throw down
1c) Halsey and John reunited at the end.
1d) The halo after the credits finished lighting up with a blue glow on the outside
2) Running down the Guardian. Frustrating, but awesome. The level design in Halo 5, IMO, is the best of the series.
3) Beating mission 14 :slight_smile:
4) Seeing the outer colonies and getting to finally see, in a game, their disdain for the UNSC.
5) Seeing Sanghelios for the first time
6) ARBITER!!! Everything about him in this game. Taking on the Warden with a Sword. What a B.A.
7) Playing with Blue team and seeing them finally.
8) References in game to past events in lore such as Buck referencing New Alexandria.

I’m more of an “appeal to emotion” kinda guy. When John finally returns to Halsey, basically a mother figure, that hit me. Lol

How about that ending? I finished the game as Vale in co-op and I thought the ending was soooooo cool.