Favorite Campaign Mission

Mine is Halo 4 Reclaimer, because Mammoth = good mission.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Rookie missions in ODST.

Any Flood missions and missions with tanks.

outskirts and delta halo, both from halo 2

Uplift reserve from odst

Shutdown and Midnight from Halo 4.

Because flying things is fun.

The Covenant is everything you could want in a Halo campaign packaged into one epic mission.

All of them.

Any one that the flood does not appear.

Quarantine Zone from Halo 2.
Awesome speech
Awesome soundtrack
Awesome allies
Multiple ways to complete it
I’d say it’s amazing

Halo 3 when you arch jump and destroy multiple scarabs… XD

Halo 3, that one mission where you kill one of the prophets and you have the flood temporarily fighting along side of you.

So many to pick from. I can’t decide.

  • Swords of Sanghelios and Battle of Sunaion from Halo 5 are some of my favorite Halo missions ever. - Mombasa Streets, Data Hive, and Coastal Highway are all my favorite missions from ODST. - Pillar of Autumn from Reach was pretty good. - Almost every mission from Halo CE is very fun (Besides the Library, it’s just too linear). I especially like Keyes and the Maw.

I have to cheat and say both “The Ark” and “The Covenant” from Halo 3. Both missions are way too awesome to pick one over the other.

If I could go back and play it for the first time on Halo Anniversary - 343 Guilty Spark. For me, it is still the best reveal/level transition in any video game. A slow dramatic build up then sudden and frantic escape. Still fun to play and still get chills from watching the record replay from Jenkins helmet cam.

Oooh this is a hard one. There’s so many good missions to choose from: I like Halo from CE for its open feeling (when it was new, I mean), I like 343 Guilty Spark for its dark and horror like aspects, I like both the Ark and the Covenant from H3 for pretty much the same reason I like Halo from CE and I like Tip of the Spear from Reach for its all out battle between two armies action going on.

Please sir! Don’t make me choose!

Also the missions that take place on Sanghelios in H5 are pretty cool too

I consider The Covenant to be my favorite. Halo (Halo 3) is a close second.

“The Covenant”, Halo 3. Specifically, the section called Journey’s End.

I enjoyed The Ark

In Halo: Reach, mi favorite campaign mission is Long Night of Solace