Favorite Campaign and why?

Halo 4’s campaign was definitely my favorite it had so many themes and it really made you see the human side of both Chief and Cortana, not just two machines that blindly follow orders. It was so emotional and also gave a strong sense of heroism throughout the story. The music also fit together pretty nicely with it. Way better than past campaigns in my opinion. Even Halo 2’s.

What’s your favorite Halo campaign?

I think Halo 2 is still the superior campaign when it comes to the music intertwined with the story. Halo 2 also did a /slightly/ better job of giving you a sense of the gravity of the situation, at least when it came to the Great Schism.

Aside from that, though? Halo 4’s campaign blew me away and is easily one of, if not, my favorite. CE is also in the top three, though more for the gameplay tropes and the great themes it introduced that continued throughout the series.