Favorite Base Power Weapon

Completely setting aside the req variants, what is your favorite type of power weapon, personally I think the railgun is one of the most creative and fun weapons, to put a weapon that in modern day is used to rip through enemy ships and just plop a mini version in a Spartans hand is pretty cool

I typically don’t use power weapons, but when I do I typically use the Sniper.

Rocket launcher.
Tubes of death.

The Plascaster. That secondary “sticky” nade works wonders for targets behind cover or around corners. Also beast at clearing out bases in WZ.

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> Rocket launcher.
> Tubes of death.

Yeah, that too lol

The Railgun is absolutely nasty, but the Energy Sword is really awesome too.

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> The Railgun is absolutely nasty, but the Energy Sword is really awesome too.

Omg I forgot about the god energy sword lol

Hmm, great question. ‘Best’ would be sniper.

Favorite? I would lean fuel rod. Splaser if dealing with vehicles.


It’s satisfying to hear it charge up before penetrating that spartan with the rail.

or you know, any rockets cause they’re just a simple boom to win.

Probably the binary rifle. That thing rips through phaetons and wasps as well as spartans

Sniper Rifle, best power weapon ever, of all time.

I like the sniper rifle. It’s a fun weapon to use, and it’s very satisfying to headshot others.

boltshots and suppressors are king

  • Spartan Laser - Love enemies & vehicles getting lasered by the red menace - Sniper Rifle - Long range and no need to be in the front seat of the fight
  • Spartan Laser - Shotgun - SPNKR Rocket Launcher - Sniper Rifle

Definitely agree with you on the Railgun. I love that thing.

the Energy Sword, Rocket

Grenade launcher for clearing bases aswell as rockets

and something very satisfying about lasering a vehicle

The railgun is a very good weapon