Favorite armor combo

Dont know if a thread has been made like this and sorry in advance but back to the topic favorite armor combination mine is venator helmet with wrath armor (with flames) neither of which I have :frowning:
But what’s your favorite combo

I really liked the Military Police helmet with breather attachment in Halo Reach.

I have two combinations:

  • Recon GEN1 helmet + Mark VI Satrap armor - Deadeye helmet + Achilles armor

AirAssault Body with Air Assault helmet.

Mark V helmet with Mark VI body. The classic helmet without the bulky armor that normally goes with it.

Depends of a game.

In Halo 3 its Mark V helmet with Katana and security shoulders. As with elite its commando helmet, ascetic body and combat shoulders. Both with silver/white color formerly steel.

In Halo 3: ODST its either mickey or buck with black coloration.

In Halo: Reach its EVA (C) CNM helmet, left shoulder Mjolnir Mark V, right shoulder security, Collar/Grenadier (UA) chest, assault/breacher wrist, tactical soft case utility, gold visor, grenadier knee guard, no armor effect and Chief as firefight voice.
Sometimes i use the lighter version with Mark VI (or V) helmet, assault/commando chest, sometimes the tactical/tacpad (or ugps) and no other changes. I kind of dislike armor effects though they dont bother me that much.
And as a elite, field marshall. All with steel color.

As with H4/5g i dont remember those that good but at least Mark VI helmet for both. Other pieces of armor dont have that much difference. Its the ones that show on my profile page though coloration might change. The main color is the darkest one and secondary is either dark red or green both that fit on visor. Which are basically blindside/verdant on H4 and similar on H5g. The green/red one with black shadowing.

In other ones there werent really armor customization but just color changing if even that.

The Pilot Helmet and Achilles armor looks pretty rad.

This is all from Reach, because I don’t really like any of the New armor.

  • Helmet: Hazop with the last attachment you could buy - Left shoulder: Hazop - Right shoulder: Operator - Chest: I think it was Operator, but it’s the one that is like Emile’s chest but without the grenade straps - Forearm: Tactical - Knees: Gunginir - Visor: Either gold or black (possibly blue) - Leg: leather satchel - Armor effect: birthday (obviously) - Color: black/gray with a red/blue trim.

Not sure how to do images on here… Oh well.

Lt. OS Fullmetal
Operation SWAT


I swap between multiple sets all the time, but some I really like:

Raider + Vigilant with Rex visor (pepper and hot pink colours)
Mark V + Intruder with Saturine visor (the lightest sage for both colours, also my helmet/colour combination for my head-canon Spartan in every game)
Icarus + Buccaneer with Midnight visor (pepper and salt colours)

I think the Armor Recruit
The only one I have unlocked.

Easily without question.
Hayabusa Helmet, Armor and Katana!
But youll never see that in H5 :frowning:


So Badass!!

I usually just use variations of mark v, but occasionally I’ll switch the helmet to either mark vi, decimator, or noble

A new one, probably my favourite:

Intruder + Mark VI (Ultra Rare) + Saturnine or Abyss visor, Salt and Pepper colours.

The one in my avatar basically

Since Halo 5 only has two armor permutations, I’m going with my favorite Halo 3 armor combo that I also tried to mimic in Reach: Security helm and shoulders with EOD chest. In Reach I used the third Security variant along with Grenadier (UA) chest, Security (RS), Commando (LS), Tactical/Tacpad wrist, Grenadier knee caps, and gold visor tint.