Favorite Armor Ability

So what is the community’s favorite armor abilitys and modifications.

Mine is the jetpack with shielding and stability. However, I liked the jetpack from reach better. The jetpack in H4 feels more like a jumpack.


Active Camo. Because I’m a sneaky player. or at least try to be.

Jetpack, or regeneration field… always depend on what i’m op for… or what kind of games I playing…

Thruster Pack


Thruster Pack and Sentry/Auto Turret.

Thruster, because you can make really sweet jumps if you know what you’re doing. You can, for example, jump from Haven’s lower ring to the upper ring with the thruster pack, giving you a lot of vertical mobility.


Jetpack+heavy weapons+ammo support+resupply tactical=so much fun

invisible all the way. it might be cowardly, but at the end of the day you feel like a silent predator hunting your victims who know you are there but not exactly where. maniacal laugh, Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

regeneration field and thruster pack for me

Booster Boots all the time

Thruster Pack by far.

Thruster Pack

Jet pack, but I also love Active Camo and Auto Turret.

My favorites are the Thruster Pack, the lightshield and my favorite modifications are the mobility and the one that gives you more ammo.


I like using the Thruster Pack. It helps with dodges and to take quick cover.