Favorite and least favorite armor?

hey Spartans
just curious

what’s your favorite helmet and least favorite
and same for armor?

Well for me, Fotus chillrose is my favourite, and tracer jackpoint is my least favourite. Tracer is my least favourite, because it’s so big and the helmet is literally a target. Look at a pic. I like Fotus because… well it’s a unicorn, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn with a chaingun!

Achilles armor definitely my favorite, as it resembles a Roman Spartan warrior. Although in my eyes, I see it as a knight. I wear it to match my gamertag.

Least favorite? Either Goblin, Seeker, or Athlon.

-Helmet: Noble
-Armor: Achilles

Least favorite (several)
-Helmet: Seeker, Decimator, Achilles, Legionnaire.
-Armor: Athlon, Rogue, Fenrir, Anubis

Favorite helmets are EOD and Orbital
Least favorite is Emile’s helmet, I hate the skull but love EVA

Favorite armors are Orbital and Noble
Having trouble thinking of a specific armor that bugs me

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