Fav loadout

What’s your favorite loadout in h5? Fav attachment?

Threat marker Assault Rifle and Projection SMG

I’m not sure. I only play firefight, so I don’t get much use out of loadouts. But I do think those COG scopes are really neat

I’m usually a fan of the BR (any really with a normal scope) and the projection SMG

My favourite loadout?

Halo 2 Battle Rifle nuff said…

Probably the Laser Targeter Sentinel Scope DMR (for those near-sniper range headshots), and either a Laser Targeter AR or Extended Mag SMG for close quarters.
Sometimes I run BR/Pistol though

My preferred loadout is the Sentinel BR w/ Laser Targeter + Projection SMG w/ Energy Bayonet.
Armor Mod usually varies between the following:

  • Grenadier - Upgraded Shields - Wheelman - Advanced Sensors (less frequently) - Patrol Case (also less frequently)

Speed boost or advanced thrusters as an armour mod
live the silenced Dmr and also the laser Br bought the H2 br is epic

Loadout? A Sniper with the Halo 2 BR.

Attachment? Ummm, a silencer.

My loadout is usually Sound Dampener Battle Rifle + Projection SMG with Bayonet. I sometimes switch to the Laser Targeting Recon Battle Rifle.
However, on Noctus I use a Sentinel DMR with Laser Targeting + Projection SMG with Bayonet.
I usually use the following Armor Mods:
Grenadier - Until I hit Level 4 Reqs (Not a fan)
Speed Booster - Until I get Advanced Sensors and to slide and jump faster.
Advanced Sensors
Wheelman (Except for Scorpion and Wraith)

My loadout at the end of a WZ map always is a Knightblade DMR with an energy bayonet projection SMG
And I use the advanced thrusters

I use my special assault rifle loaded with gauss projectiles all game. It melts players, vehicles, AIs- you name it. Jk I like smg bayonet and sentinel br laser targeter.

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> My favourite loadout?
> Halo 2 Battle Rifle nuff said…