Fathom suicide area creatures?

I was playing fathom slayer and ended up killing myself and landed right next to some humanoid clad in yellow armour/suit underwater. They look similar to grunts but they were about twice the size of my Spartan. And to make things more weird one of them just vanished as soon as I threw a few grenades at it. They can also be seen if you look at the glass floor where the invisibility power up us located. What are they?

“xbox record that”

and “phantom”?, or fathom as in the depth?

Some have said its a spartan.

“They never told you, did they? About the Spartans who washed out?”

This could be the premise of a great creepypasta.

Yeah it’s some guy in a diving suit. Not sure if it’s a Spartan or not, but if you go to the central area with the AvCam there’s some suits in lockers on the walls.