Fastest Xp?

Asking what the best/fastest/easiest way to gain xp and rp is in halo 5. Like what modes and stuff. Any answeres is very nice, thanks!

Warzone firefight, use the boost xp and play every day until january 6th, the doble xp is active now in halo 5 and MCC.

Personally I run Warzone Turbo with a squad - Legendary XP Boost - 4-14 minute games - 24-28k xp is what i’ve been getting

Which firefight? Like, legendary, heroic, etc?

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> Which firefight? Like, legendary, heroic, etc?

Probably Heroic. Legendary technically gives more XP and RP if you finish all 5 rounds. However, you’re then also relying on the competence of 7 other people to finish said all 5 rounds, as well as considering the timetable to do so even with 7 other competent players. I usually finish Heroic Warzone Firefight after around 12 minutes, I believe, so Heroic’s probably the best cost-benefit method.

Heroic WZ FF is probably your best bet. Judging that you’re somewhat new around here, I’d recommend asking in the game forum for Halo next time. Just a bit of friendly advice.

How much xp does firefight net on average, not during double xp days?

Warzone Firefight, Swat, and featured playlists (the ones with the yellow star beside them).